Celebrate World Book Day with Kids Wall Stickers

Celebrate World Book Day with Kids Wall Stickers

It’s World Book Day on 6th March and I am sure your children’s school or nursery will be celebrating with various events. Even in the electronic world we now live in books are such an important part of our lives and educational development. I’m sure you all have childhood memories relating to books, be it sitting there reading your favourite one or recreating scenes from others, and this great day will encourage your children to have similar memories. Having said this one day of the year is not enough to develop children’s relationships with their favourite books, it takes hours of reading, I’m sure you are fed up by now of reading the same words over and over again just to keep a young mind amused! There are other ways too to build relationships with books and their characters, be it a television show related to the book, magazines, colouring books and even bedroom decor.

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