Caterpillars Into Butterflies #MagicMoments

Caterpillars Into Butterflies #MagicMoments

It has been almost a month since we received our caterpillars and watched as they grew from teeny, tiny caterpillars into big, fat caterpillars. It was amazing!

After 10 days or so, the caterpillars started to spin their silk and hang upside down from the top of their container and they started to form the chyrsalis that would keep them cosy for almost 2 weeks.

On Friday, I was started to get worried. I thought the caterpillars were dead. They hadn't done anything. One of them had fallen off the paper disc it had attached itself to. I scooped it up with a spoon and gently placed the chrysalis on to some kitchen roll. I was a worried caterpillar Mama. I contacted the Magic Belles and they promised to send over some magic dust to make them OK.

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