CAREERS WEEK GUEST POST: On why motherhood and entrepreneurship can be the perfect fit

Emily Guille-Marrett is a mother of two young boys and founder of new company Here she talks about how having a baby changed her life and gave her the flexibility, creative space and confidence to set up her own business. From strategy meeting to motherhood

“I have to go to the hospital for an urgent check up. I hope to be back for the strategy meeting at midday, otherwise I will be induced. I’ll ring and let you know.”

These were the last words I recall saying to my publishing director before going on maternity leave with my first baby. I had pre-eclampsia in the late stages of pregnancy and my baby had stopped growing. My blood pressure was high and, for both our sakes, it was time to give nature a helping hand and welcome my son into the world a little early. No-one could have prepared me for this life-changing experience and its impact on my career and family.

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