CAREERS WEEK: Getting to grips with childcare!

For working families in the UK, childcare is probably the biggest headache. Choosing the right setting for your child/children, how to make it work with drop offs and pick ups, full-time or part-time, making the sums add up. Women often seem to feel that it all falls on their shoulders; making the decisions, working out whether their salary will cover the childcare costs for 1, 2 or 3 kids. In this rather epic review, I take childcare by the horns; examining the UK childcare situation now and the changes that are coming up. Childcare: a joint responsibility

Of course, the key thing to remember here is that childcare, whether providing it, organising it or paying for it, is not the sole responsibility of the mother. If the kids have two parents, then two people are responsible for their care and wellbeing. Dads need to take parental leave or annual leave when needed, meet potential carers, participate in dropping off and picking up, and factor their salary into the equation.

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