Cardiff - Cocktails and Quesadillas

Cardiff - Cocktails and Quesadillas

Emerging into the early evening, jubilant Welsh crowds fresh from their win over the ‘boks, we decided we were in the mood for cocktails, and found ourselves initially in 10 Feet Tall.

Packed to the gunnels we pushed on through, found a table and settled down to a mojito and a long island iced tea. Very good they were too, but “…very young and hip…” as Twitter advised me. We didn’t feel like it was overly young & hip, but it was quite noisy, and the crowd was definitely drunker at 6.30 than we were ever going to be getting lively, so by definition we were probably too old to be there, and took the advice of Twitter to hightail it over to the newly opened Wahaca, and their cocktail bar.

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