Caramelised Coconut Pumpkin Fries

pumpkin fries My boys are not huge soup fans. So although they did attempt to try the sweet pumpkin soup I made in little cups, it was definitely not a hit.

I love the taste of pumpkin and coconut together and I'd love them to share this enjoyment, especially at this time of year. It's good for them to know that a pumpkin isn't just to decorate and leave by the front door! Ingredients:

Half a large pumpkin makes 4 small servings Dark Musovado sugar Desiccated coconut The ingredients aren't in exact quantities as I ground a handful of the sugar and coconut together in the pestle and mortar and then simply rubbed the pumpkin chips in the mix before I lay them on a baking tray.

Heat your oven to 180 degrees/Gas Mark 4. Prepare your pumpkin by deseeding the flesh and cut the pumpkin into more manageable pieces. Peel your pumpkin skin off and chop your chunks of flesh into chip shape batons approximately the width and length of your index finger.

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