Capturing the scene

Capturing the scene

Now POD’s three she’ll often tell you what she’s doing and what she’s about to do. Unless you ask her what she did at nursery and her response will always be “nothing”.

POD loves to be outdoors and this woodland walk should have been no different. But it was. Perhaps it was that renewed sense of freedom.

Gone was the coat, the hat and the wellies, replaced with a dress that blew behind her as she ran. Her beloved muddy puddles had gone but there were sticks aplenty. For a time it was just us, wandering along the grass lined paths with the blue sky above and the sun beaming down.

When we reached a wide open space POD stopped on a bench surrounded by knobbly trees. She said she had a stone in her shoe.

Once back together, POD ran to another bench shouting “come on”, waving her arm as she went. She was convinced she was too far away to be photographed. But she wasn’t and a thoughtful looking POD was captured in the process.

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