Cantaloupe Melon Frozen Yoghurt

Cantaloupe Melon Frozen Yoghurt

Not long ago I hadn’t used my ice cream maker in about a year.   Now I’ve made two frozen yoghurts within a month and am already planning more.   While the blackcurrant frozen yoghurt was a strong in-your-face flavour, this cantaloupe melon frozen yoghurt is a little more delicate, both in looks and taste.   Don’t let that put you off though.   Although it’s more subtle, it’s still delicious, refreshing and incredibly easy to make.   It’s also much healthier than a typical ice cream.

As melon can be quite a gentle flavour, it’s best to use a really ripe sweet melon so it has as much taste as possible.  I used cantaloupe but you could use any melon.  This recipe would also work really well with fruit like peaches and nectarines, which is another flavour I almost made instead and am wanting to try in the next few weeks.

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Photographs from Cassiobury Park