Candy Filled Pumpkin Cakes

Candy Filled Pumpkin Cakes

Halloween is a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and bake some fun cakes and party food. I have wondered for a while if it were possible to bake a cake in an orange and I thought that Halloween would be a perfect time to test this theory as the oranges could look a bit pumpkinish and would be fun for parties. It is important to remove all the juice and flesh from the inside of the oranges other wise itmakes for bitter cakes that are too soggy!!! Also if you are creatibve at decorating the oranges after baking you can make pumpkin faces – I didn’t so I used pic monkey editing to make my spook-tacular pumpkin faces!

So if you fancy making these fun Candy Fillled Pumpkin Cakes then here is how you do it.

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