Can you get help?

Can you get help?

On Monday, November 1st Katie Price gave an interview on BBC radio 5. I know who Katie Price is mainly through my reading of Heat Magazine, and if we discount the fact that it took me a very long time to understand that Katie Price and Jordan are the same person (hey, I am still new to this country!), I think I have a rather good knowledge of her public life. I didn't know, however, that she has a disabled child. I guess it is not one of those things they write about in Heat, probably less photogenic than another photo of her in a bikini. I also didn't hear the interview on Radio 5. I am not that big on news, or current events, or politics. You might think it makes me shallow and that is fine, but the truth is that I see it as one of the privileges of immigration. Israelis are all news junkies, and I am no different. And like any recovering addict - I can't use "just a little bit". If I start down that road, I immediately find myself immersed in it.

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