Can the Co-Schedule editorial calendar help me blog better?

Can the Co-Schedule editorial calendar help me blog better?

I love being organised. From planners and lists to productivity software I love it all.

It’s part of my genes because I inherited this trait from the Queen of list-makers – my Mother.

I’ve used a simple excel spreadsheet to plan out my blog posts and social media messages for both this blog and my clients. It’s been a useful way to see what I’ve got coming up.

Has it stopped me being spontaneous and posting whatever pops into my head? Nope. I still do that. But when it suits me I can view and manage the balance of my posts.

Of course, I still need to go back to WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Linked in to schedule all these posts. Blogging takes time y’all!

And this combination of activities takes time away from what I really want to be doing which is writing and sharing – and spending time with my family!

I was keen to see if there was another way. A blog organisation tool that didn’t take up all my time. So I’ve been trialling Co-Schedule for a while to see if it helps me manage my blogging life more productively.

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