Can Supernanny fix everything?

Can Supernanny fix everything?

Does 'traditional' parenting work? What would Supernanny Jo Frost make of this?

Yesterday parents were invited to a mass at school, to welcome the new starters. Sasha stayed in the room for around 30 minutes of the full hour which all the other children (and parents) stayed for. She started to get a bit stressed at the point where she, along with all her peers, was asked to go up to the front for a blessing with oil; she refused. Quietly and without causing a huge fuss though, so that is definitely progress. Can't say I blame her for not wanting to, and I'm sure there were a fair few other children who were nervous or who would rather not have gone up.

What amazes me always when I now attend these kind of events, is how compliant all the other children are - including my eldest girl. It wouldn't have occurred to me to notice before, because it's exactly how I was as a child too. Almost sheep-like. The others stay sitting down, quietly, because they are told to, and because they are taught that is the way they should behave...

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