Camping with Toddlers - Check List

Camping with Toddlers - Check List

Following on from Mondays post, several people have asked what they should take camping with their toddlers. My answer is, EVERYTHING, including the kitchen sink!

I find that packing and making sure we have everything for camping is the most stressful part, the actual camping isn't so bad. We're quite go with the flow people and all routine and structure goes out the window, Can you really keep a 6.30 pm bedtime when you're sleeping on the floor in the middle of a field with just a canvas sheeting for protection?! (Remind me, why am I doing this again?)

One of the things I've put on the list is a small bag of favourite toys, I've found this is essential, just to give the girls some familiarity when we're away from home. Remember though, that you are in the middle of that field with just a plastic sheeting, so try to steer the children away from choosing that precious irreplaceable toy they've had from birth that will with out a doubt get lost. Instead pick the one that can easily be replaced or better yet, not missed.

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