Campfire Cooking and Glamping

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Last weekend we headed inland and went luxury camping with some friends. We went to Wattle Hill Oast in Staplecross, East Sussex which provides bell tents, fire pits and the best bit .... a swimming pool, sauna and gym!

It was great to spend some time relaxing, eating and talking with friends and as our kids are all now teenagers, it was good to see them all enjoying one another's company.

Once the fire is going it's hard for me not to want to keep cooking but I was planning on cooking sweet flat breads on the fire but just couldn't be bothered with the fuss and mess so I took the easy option of S'mores and other sweet campfire treats. Before that we had grilled steak, sausages, marinated olives and barbecued Camembert fondue all laid out on the table. I do like a feast.

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