Camp Bestival 2014 – Awesome Sauce

Camp Bestival 2014 – Awesome Sauce

We got home late Sunday night from another brilliant weekend at Camp Bestivalfollow. It was our second visit and we loved it just as much. Syd woke up this morning asking to go back today, he does not wait to wait another year and frankly I am with him!

I simply love this festival. It is THE festival of choice if you are wanting a festival experience that truly caters for kids of all ages. There is magic and wonder around each corner, so much to explore and admire and take part in, plus all the usual big bands on big stages type thing that a festival requires. The toilets are on the whole clean by festival standards – I recommend the compost ones as being nicer than portaloos! The campsite is well organised and spacious enough to not feel too crowded in by your neighbours. The festival site itself is huge, and while there are obviously busy places such as the main stage and the children’s areas, there are also plenty of less populated spots for grabbing a few minutes peace, and wherever you go there is some new treat or vision waiting to delight you!

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