Cakes, Bikes, Trains and a Fireman's Pole

Cakes, Bikes, Trains and a Fireman's Pole

Wow what an amazing an thoroughly exhausting weekend that was!

Last week I spent a large part of it baking cakes, cookies and flapjacks in preparation for our Sport Relief bake sale in the local pub on Saturday (more on that in another blog post), as well as a couple of trips to the gym to build up my stamina for our bike ride that was to come for the Team Honk Relay.

On Saturday afternoon myself & Fi donned our Sesame Street onesies and met up with Emma to perform a baton exchange in a pub carpark in Cannock. It was a drizzly afternoon and no sooner had we stepped out of the car and the heavens really opened & we got pelted with hailstones. We didn't hang around too long but long enough to get a few photos.

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