Cake Pop Chaos (aka behind the scenes food blogging)

Cake Pop Chaos (aka behind the scenes food blogging)

I’m not a particularly experienced baker but I have seen cake pops everywhere on the Internet so I figured …..well how hard can it be?

And just look at what my son and I made:

Don’t they look gorgeous and I promise you they do taste absolutely delicious.

The colour melts were so easy to use but oh dear, I didn’t quite get the cake mixture consistency right.

Do you now want to see what happened behind the scenes….

Utter chaos.

Half the cake crumbled as soon as I put a stick in them. some kindly waited until I had popped on the colour melts and sprinkles. What a disaster.

I would post a recipe but in all honesty I used a cake mix (shocking I know!) and it was still a disaster! And the state of my kitchen was shocking.

I would recommend the colour melts though …they were fab…quick melt int he microwave, easy covering of the cake and quick setting. Brilliant. Just the actual cake that seemed to go a bit wrong!

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