Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2014

Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2014

Sugar shakes. Feet like trotters. Dining room still full of bags. Fridge packed with pie. This can mean only one thing... It was a pretty awesome Cake and Bake Show weekend! Three days of oohs, ahhs, greediness, giddiness and general sugar shaped misdemeanours - the 2014 show was even better than last year!

We arrived early on Friday morning and had the chance to have a look around before the show opened, which also gave us ample opportunity to have a chat to some of the stall holders, sample some of their wares, and spend a small fortune.

There were marvellous chocolate creations, shiny glazed buns, mountains of pastry, the most stunning cakes you have ever seen in your entire life, a lovely man handing out samples of sausages (they were like crack) and an arena filled with a pungent cloud of freshly baked yeasted goods.

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