Caffeine Junkie

Caffeine Junkie Until three weeks ago, every time I dropped S at nursery I would walk into town, buy a coffee at Costa and bring it home. Three weeks ago, I decided I didn't really fancy a coffee... and I've not touched it since.

I still had a super unhealthy Coca Cola habit though. I tried to limit myself to two 500ml bottles a day, but often ended up having more - on top of the Costa! Besides how much all of this was costing me, it was probably not fantastic for my body either. I grew sick of being reliant on caffeine to start my day, and even more sick of the headache that came on days when I'd not had enough.

When I decided to give up social media for Lent, part of me thought "oh, you're off the hook for the Coke then!" But I knew there was no point in denying it; the issue needed to be dealt with. So I decided to go ahead and give it up.

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