Cadbury’s Marvellous Mix Ups Pinata Cake #freethejoy

Cadbury’s Marvellous Mix Ups Pinata Cake #freethejoy

It was my birthday a couple of week ago but I never actually made myself a birthday cake, so last weekend we had some friends over for a BBQ, which turned out to be an indoor affair due to the rain that decided to arrive not long before it started, and one of my friends also had a birthday a few days before mine, so I decided that this was the perfect excuse for me to make one for us to share and for our friends to help eat.

I opted to make a chocolate cake and decided to add a touch of the Cadbury’s #freethejoy to it by adding popping candy to the chooclate frosting, making an oreo vanilla buttercream for the inside and creating a hidden surprise element of a pinata middle using the Cadbury’s Marvellous Mix Up sweets and chocolates.

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