By George! Royal Women are still not equal

By George! Royal Women are still not equal

A new law was passed just before the Royal baby was born to end centuries of discrimination against British Royal women. If Kate and William had given birth to a royal baby girl she would have become The Queen someday even if she had a younger brother. Well, we all now know a Royal baby boy was born – Prince George of Cambridge – who subsequently is third in line for the throne.


Yes, a new line of succession act was passed by parliament and given the royal seal of approval in April 2013. Yeah! Gender inequality was vanquished and male primogeniture was no longer the rule.

Rubbish! The new law only applies to children BORN AFTER OCTOBER 28, 2011. Anyone born before October 28, 2011 has to obey the old rules. This still affects the entire line of succession including the top fifteen.

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