buy local: the farmers market

buy local: the farmers market Last week I read this post from Annie about buying local and it got me thinking.

I buy our food shopping in the supermarket, just down the road from the gym and about 10 minutes from our house. That's a very convenient little loop I have there.

In an effort to find some local food suppliers, we visited the craft and farmer's market this weekend. There was so much variety... breads and pastries stacked high, unusual cheeses and preserves and local game.

We picked up a loaf of bread, a pack of venison sausages (not for me you understand, I'm a vegetarian) and some olives. The bread and sausages were produced less than 20 miles away... pretty local then!

We had a nice chat with each of the super friendly stall holders and they gave us loads of information about how their food was produced. Honestly, it was a little more expensive than buying from a supermarket but a personable and informative service goes a long way in my book...

And in any case, I'm not sure if you can even buy venison sausages in the supermarket...

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