Buttery Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Buttery Chocolate Chip Biscuits

When I was pregnant I thought that all the baking would come to an end once Master Spice was out in the world.   What I wasn’t counting on, was Little Miss Spice, spying the baking ingredients in the cupboard and demanding to play with them.  I then had to come up with a quick recipe that she could help me make as well as give her the chance to use her favourite star-shaped biscuit cutter.  I found this basic cookie recipe and adapted it by adding the chocolate chips.

I added 40g of chocolate chips but Little Miss Spice did her best to reduce the amount by picking them out and eating them when she was supposed to be cutting out biscuit shapes so I would add a few more next time.

The finished biscuits were a bit like shortbread, very buttery but not too sweet.   If you wanted them to be a bit sweeter you could add a little extra sugar or use milk chocolate chips.

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