Butternut Squash, Crab & Chilli Soup

Butternut Squash, Crab & Chilli Soup » Emily Beale Photography

This is my personal all time favourite soup – Butternut Squash, Crab & Chilli. I think it tastes something like heaven in a bowl!

Maybe it’s the sweet squash or maybe the meaty crab, it’s probably the kick of chilli and it’s certainly the tangy lemongrass that make this soup a winner every time!

Some of my soups have stories and emotions blended into them. The first time it was eaten, the story of an ingredient or a special occasion it was made. This soup also has my favourite story.

The first time I tasted this soup was on a cold winter’s evening standing in a fairy light lit courtyard at westonbirt arboretum. My parents had traveled down from Nottingham to spend some time with us and we had all traveled to Westonbirt to meet my brother and for the first time his new girlfriend Chessy, who would later become his wife! The scene was magical, the moment momentous and the soup my mother had made, made it even more perfect. I felt as though I’d never tasted anything as delicious before.

Have I sold it enough to you?

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