Butterfly Boy!

Butterfly Boy!

Butterfly ˈbʌtəflʌɪ/ noun

a nectar-feeding insect with two pairs of large, typically brightly coloured wings that are covered with microscopic scales.

I have mentioned on the blog a couple of times recently how good the butterflies are this year in Normandy. A mild winter obviously benefited them and we have been witness to their dainty beauty all Spring and Summer. At the moment the greatest magnate for our winged friends at Eco-Gites of Lenault is the herb garden where the mint and marjoram are both in full flower. Not a day passes when I don't find 5 minutes just to sit down there and watch their antics.

Tom is also very fond of butterflies and moths and a couple of years ago successfully hatched an Oak Eggar Moth from a caterpillar which he blogged about here. So when he saw all the butterflies in the herb garden he was fascinated ... and then announced he wanted to catch one. I have to say I felt his chances were slim but I had obviously not accounted for his calm approach, patience and sheer determination.

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