#ButlinsAmbassadors The Wave Hotel, Bognor Regis

#ButlinsAmbassadors The Wave Hotel, Bognor Regis

Having been on a bargain break to Butlins' Skegness  in February half term we were very excited to be picked as Butlins Ambassadors for this year. We decided that we would like to see what one of the other resorts was like and so had a break arranged for the Bognor Regis in the Wave Hotel. It's a new hotel with lots of features such as DVD players in kids' bunk beds and a games port downstairs. Housekeeping and balcony views added to my break. If you think Butlins is all Hi de Hi chalets this will show you how different!

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#ButlinsAmbassadors Being Entertained at Butlins

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