Busy Doing Nothing

I’m good at doing nothing. Really good. I’m not blowing my own trumpet, that would be doing something, and my expertise is definitely in doing nothing. In its purest form I’m a master. I can sit on the sofa without distraction and do absolutely nothing for hours.

When Janet asks what I’m thinking,

“Nothing”, is an honest reply.

It’s in my DNA and I’ve passed it on to the boys.

“What did you do at school?”


“What did you eat for lunch?”


“Why’s Luca got an arrow suckered to his forehead, what have you done?”


There may not be degrees in nothing, if there were I’d have a BA Honours in Further Nothingness, but I’ve discovered there are degrees OF nothing.

At one end of the scale is nothing, but at the other end there is ‘busy doing nothing’. They’re not the same. No really, they’re not!

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