Busy books!

Busy books!

Libby is more than happy to amuse herself for 10 minutes in her cot, as long as she has a book to read. The problem is, most books aren't quite robust enough for an unsupervised 19 month old. Paper books don't fare very well at all so card books like the "busy" books are ideal for her. I was a little bit concerned because these books have lovely interactive tabs on them and I wasn't sure whether they'd stand up to the Libby test. I'm pleased to report though that they have passed with flying colours. 

The isn't a real storyline in these books, but every page has something interactive. There are questions that are ideal for Libby's age group, such as "can you point to the mouse?" or "how many tyres do we have?" Libby is getting really into these, she has recently learnt to count to three so counting questions are perfect.

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