I began to write this post in my head in the small hours of another sleepless night after reading about another special needs Mum who is finding it hard to get a break. But my tired brain has forgotten most of what I wanted to say. If I'm not careful, this post will join the other eight drafts that I've begun to write since the beginning of August. There's no time, and if I do get a few minutes to spare my mind just goes blank. Or I want it to go blank, and escape for an hour with my latest fave TV series: Firefly, since you're asking.

My motherhood experience reminds me of the one time I ran the London Marathon. It all started out so well, I was so excited and full of enthusiasm. But as time went on, it got harder. And though I'll hopefully be caring for Smiley for life, in most respects the finishing line of my motherhood experience approaches. But when I reached the 20 mile mark on that amazing day in 1987, I "hit the wall" and I'm so afraid that the same thing is happening in my mothering.

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