#BundleMarathon Week 2 — My favourite recipe

#BundleMarathon Week 2 — My favourite recipe

Week 2 of #BundleMarathon is all about cooking and though I haven’t stepped into the kitchen much to whip up a meal in a while, I’m still going to share with you guys my favourite recipe which is so super easy, even if the kitchen isn’t your best friend, you’d still be able to produce something that is really yummy! Whoa that sure was a mouthful, huh? *catches my breath for a sec* What recipe am I talking about? Well, we’ll get it that in a short while.

Back when I was still in secondary school, one of the subjects I had to take was home economics (when I was 13 and 14) and food and nutrition (when I was 15 to 17). Both were of the same premise except that there was sewing and craft work included in lower secondary. I enjoyed the cooking part of it the most because we could bring home the dishes that we made in our tupperwares!

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