Bumbleberry Muffins for Breakfast

Bumbleberry Muffins for Breakfast

You may have read my recent post of Bumbleberry Eton Mess. We had friends staying over and this was a nice and easy dessert to literally whip up. Bumbleberry, it turns out is what you call a mix of three or more berries in a recipe. I love the name and think it should be used way more often. Apparently it stems from pioneer cooking times, where it was a way of using whatever ingredients were on hand. For my Eton Mess, I’d used strawberries, rasps and blueberries. I had some leftover and didn’t want to waste them of course. So I decided to pop them into delicious muffins with a crunchy sugary crust on top.

We had the muffins warm for breakfast the next day, so it actually complimented the dessert of the night before. We can forget about the copious amounts of wine in-between!

The muffins are very light and moist, thanks to the use of vegetable oil and buttermilk. Here’s how I made them:

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