Bugger Off, Fireworks

Bugger Off, Fireworks Brace yourself. I’m in a ranty mood!

No guesses what I’m not happy about, but I don’t think I’m alone. I’m not anti people having fun, honest, Gov, but why the bleedin’ hell can any old Tom, Dick and Harry buy and let off fireworks?

I was born and raised for a good part of my life in Australia, where fireworks can only be used with a licence. That’s right. You cannot purchase and light fireworks anywhere in Australia unless you have a licence and you have an agreement from your local council to do so.

Now, I LOOOOOVE the UK. That’s why I’m still here. I love a load more things here than I do over there. You lot are lovely. My kin. However, every year I watch a load of idiots with more money than sense spend a shed load of cash on (let’s face it) mediocre fireworks that are a danger to them and everyone else and the whole thing is over in about 6 minutes. Really. What’s the point? Why don’t you stand in your garden and set fire to a wad of cash. It’d be a lot quieter.

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