Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff Review

Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff Review

The other thing I really like about the footmuff is the popper buttons on the side. When you are in shops you can fold back the cover to a couple of different heights so that your little one does not get too warm. This has been really handy whilst out and about as we have been able to fold the cover right down without having any loose bits flapping around or getting caught under the wheels!

The raincover that comes with the Bee has fitted over the footmuff nicely and, when getting caught out in small showers I have noticed the footmuff is very good at repelling water.

I would definitely recommend this footmuff to anyone with a Bugaboo stroller. Although it is pricier than some, you are getting two covers within that price to take you right through the year and it is excellent quality so you know it will last for as long as your little ones need to be in a stroller.

Often when out and about people have commented on how snug and warm Little Miss A has looked and I have to agree!

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