Budget bedroom makeover for Mum and Dad

Budget bedroom makeover for Mum and Dad

This post is an entry into the Money Supermarket #HomeImprovementHero Competition. They provided me with £50 in order to see if  it is possible to change the look, feel and even functionality of a room on a low budget?

I’m sure I am like many parents in that I always put my children first. So when it came to deciding which room to do there wasn’t really a doubt – my boys already have their rooms sorted. But since we moved in, just over a year ago, mine and my husband’s room has become a bit neglected and a bit of a dumping ground.  It doesn’t really ‘feel’ like our room at all. As well, if I were any of the other rooms that were to be done up then I’m sure I’d probably spend more than the £50 allocated budget.

The first thing I did was to have a jolly good sort out of all the things we didn’t need.

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