Brunch at Solita, Manchester

Brunch at Solita, Manchester

I've been a fan of Solita since day one. Ever changing, constantly evolving and riddled with crazy ideas. How Franco has time to come up with these wild schemes is beyond me. A constant stream of new specials, taking their Inka ovens outside for Solita in the Street, one off party nights, new locations and now they're opening for brunch.

When Franco announced on Twitter that Solita were to open for brunch, I imaged it to be an extension of the already successful meal-fuelled frenzy that is the standard menu. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of offer. It would have been too easy to make carbon copies of American diner classics, but instead the chefs at Solita have recreated time honoured favourites with a Manchester twist which caters for all tastes.

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