Bring on a focussed 2015!

Bring on a focussed 2015! Last year was the first year I'd heard of let alone chosen a word for the year, and I chose active - it just felt like the right word for me, so that was that - it was my word. It worked well for me and so I was up for choosing another word for this year. Once again I had an inkling of what my word should be, but having discovered Susannah Conway during the summer's #Augustbreak Instagram challenge I was keen to work through her "Unravelling 2015" workbook. I wondered if my word would change at all - it didn't, but it almost did and I've spent some time talking myself into the word I first thought of!

That word is Focus - it's a good word and it will help me this year I'm sure, but it didn't sound as exciting as some of the other words I considered. I also can't claim it's in the "make my heart sing" category but I'm pretty sure it's what I need as while balance, energise and direction are good, each of those are much more helpful if they're focussed.


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