Brilliant Budget Recipes: Ratatouille

Brilliant Budget Recipes: Ratatouille

This weeks budget recipe comes from the lovely Rebecca at Here Come the Girlsfollow blog . It’s colourful , healthy and a great way to mop up those leftovers! Thanks Rebecca !

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When I think of traditional French recipes I think of decadent rich sauces, lashings of cream and chocolate, gateaux,croissants and red wine. Luxurious to eat and complicated to prepare. Normally I would jump at the chance for that kind of cooking but after the excesses of easter and a bout of the flu – what we all need is simple food full of vegetables. In the middle of all the lavish french recipes is Ratatouille – a dish made completely of vegetables which somehow ends up more than the sum of its parts. Wholesome and nutritious – with nearly a whole days portions of vegetables. Of course if you want to serve it with a large glass of red and some buttered baguette – that’s up to you!

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