Bright winter days on the Costa Tropical

Bright winter days on the Costa Tropical

Living where we do high in La Alpujarra, the southern foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain, we are lucky enough to have a good view of what the weather is doing on the coast. As the forecast had promised Sunday was a bright and clear day so, armed with a picnic and bucket and spade, we headed to Almuñécar to check out a new beach.

The truth about the best Granada beaches is that they are often quite hard to find. It’s almost as if the locals don’t want you to find them. Imagine that! When we finally found this little beach, it turned out to be an absolute treasure on a beautiful winters day and worth all the teeth gritting of the last bit of the journey.

We happily planted ourselves at the far end of Cotobro and enjoyed a simple picnic in relative peace. The beach is made up of dark sand and shingle and does not really pass the sandcastle test but we gave it a good go. It did, however, pass the paddling test and I image that the clear waters are a pleasure to swim when the temperatures soar in the summer.

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