Bridget’s Jones’s Diary – The Death of Mark Darcy

Bridget’s Jones’s Diary – The Death of Mark Darcy

A TERRIBLE end to September

132lbs, alcohol units 0 (I’ve been unwell), Cigarettes 0 (I quit 14 years ago), Calories around 2000 (I really can’t be doing with calorie counting. Life is too short and food is far too yummy)

I have woken to the terrible news that Mark Darcy has been killed off. Like many others that knew him well I did a *sad face* on twitter and mourned his death, the only way I know how. By GETTING ON WITH MY DAY BECAUSE HIS A FICTICIOUS CHARACTER YOU NUMPTIES.

Everyone is up in arms. People have taken to social media to groan, grumble and ask Helen Fielding what the bloody hell she was thinking by killing off Darcy. Yes he was eye candy in the films, yes he was quite a lovable character, however, let’s look at the alternatives.

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