Bridget, Renée & me: How we've changed

Bridget, Renée & me: How we've changed

So this Papery Peep post is slightly different to normal, it's still about the paper in my life right now but it also explores how we've changed and a call to action. A call to action for me that is... You see I've bought myself an actual book - a book I've been keen to read the next instalment of, but one I've only just got around to buying. I know it would have been easier to buy and download the kindle version, but I resisted. I love my kindle - and it's one of the first things I pack when we travel, but I wanted the book to complete my set. My call to action is to find some time to sit down to read and enjoy it - you see once I get into a good book (and I'm hoping it will be) that's all I want to do, so I need to time my entry point carefully!

You may have already guessed which book I've bought from the title above, but if not I'm talking about the third and latest Bridget Jones book, Mad about The Boy.

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