Breastauranting Around The World

Breastauranting Around The World

Have boobs will travel.

...Well, have formula fed babies will travel too but this is just my own opinion so I personally (based on my traveling experiences with the Drama that is) think it is so much easier to just flip my top and feed the Beans there and then, rather than juggling with a hot thermos flask, me biting onto her bottle, baby formula storage in between my thighs and the squirming thirsty child on the other hand. But I must add that this is one of the skills I have mastered in this motherhood-hood, that is the ability to have 8 arms.

I have mentioned before, she was not exclusively breastfed. I brought her formula along on all the trips. Well, more like lugging them all in a haversack but at the end of the day she would still choose the boobs.

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