Breaking Bad Finale Nails

Breaking Bad Finale Nails

It’s all coming to an end… the last ever Breaking Bad episode aired today (I’ve yet to watch it though so no spoilers or I will have to hunt you down and make you pay Heisenberg style…) and in honour of the one who knocks, I attempted Breaking Bad nails again. This time I opted away from the horrific yellow I used the last time and instead created some cool looking green smoke, using the plastic wrapper off a Love Hearts sweet packet :p

It turned out pretty well for a spur of the moment idea, even if I do say so myself! Smokey smoke!

I’ve no idea what’s going to happen in the finale, but I know I’m going to feel bereft one of the best TV shows ever made is coming to an end… Tear. After the episode it will probably be one of those, turn the TV off, sit in silence alone for ten minutes to reflect what you’ve just seen situations!

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