Breaking Bad Bundt

Breaking Bad Bundt Breaking Bad is one of my favourite TV shows ever. I don't mind admitting that I hated it at first, and insisted I would never watch it ever again! However, I soon came round and lost several weekends whilst we caught up. It's been off our screens for months, but this week it's finally back for the grand finale.

To celebrate, I decided to make a Breaking Bad Bundt. It had to be blue (of course) but I decided on a nice raspberry flavour, after a lengthy conversation with my friend Dave about ice pops and Slush Puppies. I used little blue sweets as a replacement for the crystal meth (I believe this is rather moreish and isn't great for the pegs...) and dyed everything in sight blue with gel food colours. I made my floating eyeball out of a jawbreaker, and added a layer of jam to make the cake moist and tasty.

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