Bouchon Bakery, New York

Bouchon Bakery, New York

Last year we went for breakfast at Thomas Keller's Bouchon in Las Vegas, and absolutely loved it! When we booked New York, I was keen to go and sample Bouchon Bakery at Rockerfeller Plaza, to sample their baked delights. 

When you walk through the doors of Bouchon Bakery, your eyes are met by what appears to be hundreds of jewelled cakes, including macarons, madeleines, cheesecakes, cookies, pastries, and even a bundt cake...

There was only ever going to be one choice for me; the spiced apple bundt cake with hot chocolate. This is one of my favourite bundts ever. It was moist, spicy and had a crisp sugar crust. My husband decided french was the way forward, and had a ham and cheese croissant with coffee. It may not look too pretty on the picture below, but it was absolutely delicious!

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