Boost Your Photography: Challange – Playing with Focus

   Boost Your Photography: Challange – Playing with Focus

I have recently joined a new community on Google + and for any one not familiar with G+, this doesn’t involve walking around in sandals and all living in one large house!! I’m joining in with the Boost Your Photography: 52 Weeks Challenge and this weeks topic is – playing with focus.

Playing with Focus

The challenge is to take a photograph, where the subject is not in the center of the composition. This often results in the subject being out of focus, I have cover the trick to getting around this problem in a recent post, Using Autofocus lock here. I have been using this methods a lot recently and find it relatively easy to use, with only the occasional photograph going out of focus, when I’ve not kept my finger on the button long enough. It really is a case of practice makes perfect (or nearly perfect!) and at least with a digital camera, I can just delete any photographs that don’t turn out right.

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