Bookham Commons

Bookham Commons

Bookham Commons is a network of footpaths and bridleways set in 450 acres of ancient oak woodland, grassland plains, ponds and wetlands.

Cared for by the National Trust, Bookham Commons is one of the most thoroughly studies areas in Europe – the London Natural History Society has surveyed wildlife there since 1941.

We took to the surfaced bridlepaths for this first visit rather than exploring the secluded pathways to the glades and streams. Although the latter looked beautiful and hugely tempting, the recent rainfall made it hard work with a buggy and a 3 year old.

POD was so enthralled by all the muddy puddles she didn’t even need her coat – she running almost from the off. It was a miracle she didn’t slip over although she did come close a couple of times!

Horses in a nearby field were a calming distraction. Despite being a distance away, she was apprehensive at first although she did warm to them. She then peered through a gate to have a look at a pony before returning to her puddles.

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