Book Review (+ Competition!): ‘Paper Play’ by Lydia Crook

Book Review (+ Competition!): ‘Paper Play’ by Lydia Crook

Activity books like Lydia Crook's 'Paper Play' are a godsend when cooped up with children. They’re instant and sometimes the set-up and brain ache of a craft activity is just best left in the art drawer. Am I right?

Having said this, in the past I’ve found some activity books are a bit lacking. They involve a lot of colouring (which I don’t think is all that creative). Or copying. Or stickers. Or lots of art supplies we don’t have (and I am loathe to buy when engagement levels with my older son vary wildly from day to day).

Either one of the above OR they are very geared towards boys or girls with everything coloured coded in blue or pink. Bleugh. Let it be known that I’m really not keen on this for our kids’ generation.

Anyway, not Crook’s book. It’s an inspiration in black and white. And you don’t need a lot of gear to do the projects inside it. For most, you just need glue, scissors and felt tips. That’s it.

This is the first Little Lewes social media competition. Read on to find out how to WIN a copy!

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