Book corner - Step-by-Step Cake Decorating

Book corner - Step-by-Step Cake Decorating

I'm the first to admit I'm no great cook, but I do like cookery programmes and I've really gotten into the latest series of Bake Off. I know baking isn't the same as cooking, not everyday cooking anyway (definitely not of the sort you get in our house), but baking has me hooked.

I have great plans for Victoria Sponge, homemade bread, my marvellous chocolate muffins and more, once Dot and I are in our new home. And with Bake Off it's getting worse - my plans are becoming more ambitious and I see a great new creative path opening up.

So I was more than made up to receive this latest release from Dorling Kindersely - a guide to cake decorating. Now I can make glace icing with the best of them, and I shake dry icing sugar over my sponge cakes with glorious abandon, but that's always been as far as it goes.

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