Boo – 6 Months Old

Boo – 6 Months Old

This week Boo turned 6 months old, it has been a crazy 6 months, learning to live with his reflux and this last month has been particularly hard. We have all been ill, including Boo. He’s battled his bronchitis and been hospitalised with croup and is currently on a course of antibiotics that seem to finally be making an improvement on his illness.

But it has been hard and tiring to be honest.

However Boo is such a character now, he has a cheeky personality.

He adores his brother and has started to seek him out, trying to touch him and hold his hand. When Baba is home Boo just wants to be close. He thinks the dogs are amazing and they can entertain him all day, he really is that easy to please.

He has a beautiful smile that he uses to charm every lady he sees.

This month his personality has really come out and there has been lots of changes.

He is nearly sitting up by himself.

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