Bon Voyage, Presque

Bon Voyage, Presque

It's been a hard week at work, but the diet has continued (apart from the lemon meringue) with only treats on Friday and Saturday night. Problem is I'm not losing any weight this week, so I may have to look at cutting my weekend treats. Devastating. Friday night's pizza was a delight. As I'd had my eye done, I didn't think I'd be able to cook properly, but all was fine and so we had the seafood version with calamari, prawns, red onion and a basil and lemon dressing. I think it's my favourite.

Last night's tea was quite special as well, but only fairly cheap. We got some large green lipped mussel and some giant prawns and laid on a big baking tray. I sautéed some garlic in olive oil and then added a couple of glasses of white wine, 150ml cream, a little liquid chicken stock, some saffron and a few chilli flakes. I poured this over the seafood, added a few frozen clams and put in a 200' oven for about 15 minutes. I served it with ciabatta and parmesan baked (homegrown) globe courgette, which was beautifully sweet.

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